As the world is opening up to its virtual borders, dealing with national and international experts in the​ communication industry has become our new approach for serving our cli​ents in a nove ​and effective way

Marks & Brands offers a diversity of communication solutions ranging from brand building, design development, marketing and communication strategies, digital marketing, ATL and BTL advertising campaigns, event management, sponsorship strategy and sponsors hunting, specialized publication and all what is needed in the communication field to launch your product and sustain profitability. 

Today, from a full fledge communication agency Marks & Brands has turned into a new breed of integrated communication agency.
We work as a “TALENT NETWORK AGENT” a business model that has evolved from the traditional full fledge agency type, giving clients access to a pool of thinking talent exclusively gathered for the project at hand. Each is an independent expert in his field; be they marketing strategists, media planners, event organizers, web developer and on line expert, conceptual creative, graphic designers, illustrators, journalists, psychologists, novelists, musicians, photographers…

For each project undertaken Marks & Brands gather the best needed talents for the job at hand, those are independent entities with extensive knowledge and expertise within their fields.
This will provide the client a never seen before pool of top thinkers to elaborate and work on his project, ensuring that the project will not end up within junior hands handling the planning and the implementation. 


Your brand is born with a peculiar DNA and a distinctive character. 

Developing your brand identity and working on creating the right positioning through enhancing brand value includes all those ingredients that customer feel and experience when interacting with your brand. 

Here is what we can do for you:

Brand building, Brand Revamp 
Brand positioning
Brand communication strategy
Brand launching strategy 
Brand cycle evolution management


If your brand personality is already set and well implemented in the market you will need to highlight its benefits and feature additional details.

 The right image and content paired with the new technical tools and updated trends will work to enhance all our designs. 

Our set of services includes:

Brochure and catalogue design
Website design
Package and label design
Books and magazine design
POS and all kind of promotional material.  


Building effective marketing and promotional strategies will insure your brand long-term success.

Our ability to understand the diverse social clusters with a deep strategic approach will lead your brand to reach the right audience in the right place, at the right time with the most effective way.
Our strategic approach includes: 

Marketing strategy 
Communication strategy 
Media planning 
Media monitoring 


Our publication support services offer full support and custom pack to suit every project needs. 

Our expertise within the hospitality and corporate publication will provide an easy to go process.    

Our Publications services cover
 Implementation and production of :

Hotels guest books 
Biography Novel
Self funded publications 
Children comic books 
Corporate publications
City Maps 
Tailor made publications 


Raising funds for NGO’s, events and festivals needs a fully integrated process. 

For more than three decades we have gained the trust of a large clientele including financial institutions and other prominent sponsors.

Our approach will assist sponsorship support to offer more innovative programs and to help defray costs. 

Fund raising includes:   

Fund raising strategy 
Fund raising implementation 
Production of all promotional supporting material  


Our Digital Products includes:

Website Development Services
SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Mobile applications
E-Commerce Platform and App
E-Mall Platform and Application
Delivery Platform and Application
Taxi Service Application
News Application
Loyalty Program Applications
Customized Applications according to clients' requests. 

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System